Will WordPress work for you?

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The question I have this morning is, as stated in title: `Will WordPress work for you?`


That`s really question that should be left up to the customer paying you to build the site, but, as a specialist in this CMS, I highly recommend it!  Personally, I think WordPress is the best CMS (content management system) around. It`s simple, free, customizable and literally helps with SEO better than any other CMS, at least that`s what I think.


WordPress has helped my site to gain exposure with ease, using their useful and beneficial tools.  Wordpress provides you with tons of plugins or tools that you install to put different types of elements on your site like: contact forms, social media icons or share buttons, or just simply a little snippet of text and much, much more. WordPress has these things called widgets that you stick on the sidebar or directly on the page.  Widgets are PHP scripted areas (coding language) on the page that are sectioned and used for putting small content on your pages or blog.


WordPress is super, super easy to learn!  That is the best part about it for any web developer, because you now don`t have to spend a whole lot of time teaching your clients how to operate their site through WordPress control panel.  Unlike Joomla, WordPress has links in the admin panel that are straight forward, like `Pages and Posts` instead of `Articles and Components and Modules` like it says in Joomla...I don`t know about you, but that would be confusing to me...and it is if you are learning Joomla.


I`ve just felt a lot of ease with WordPress CMS and I always push this on clients as it will benefit you entirely.


I hope this helps people to want to use WordPress.  It`s all I specialize in now and I love it! 🙂 Cheers.

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