Technologies: CSS3

This is a responsive mobile-friendly website built using Wordpress.  Client went from Joomla backend to Wordpress administration.  Much better outfit.

Date of completion: 4/19/2013


Short description: We have a number of different programs to offer even the busiest students. From the Junior and Adult karate to kickboxing, ground fighting and the martial arts fitness programs, we have something for everyone.

Date of completion: 4/1/2013


Short description: A Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Business that provides services from Arch Cape to Seaside, Oregon.

Date of completion: 10/2/2013


Short description: This site was built in using Wordpress. Basic theme. Set up pages and placed in content. Logo was designed. Added all necessary plugins.

Date of completion: 10/10/2013


Short description: This site was built using Wordpress. Built within a couple days. All content and plugins added. Designed the logo.